Mozilla Firefox quantum

Reasons to Try Firefox ‘Quantum’ Browser

Reasons to Try Firefox ‘Quantum’ Browser

Firefox released it’s new version browser called Firefox Quantum. Mozilla firefox is open source web-browser developed by Mozilla foundation in 2004. The Foundation says that the web-browser developed for Non-Profit, which is different than other companies goals like Google, Apple, Microsoft to earn money.

Mozilla Firefox quantum

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The Foundation launched their new version and redesign completely with fresh Interface. The browser has more than 10000 extensions which is more than Google chrome.

Firefox Quantum Features:


Firefox Quantum is twice faster than 6 months old Firefox. check browser Speed, on the Speedometer 2.0 that check many different web operations at the same time. The browser is faster than chrome which make Google Chrome old.

Firefox Quantum


According to Statcounter Google chrome has 54.57%, safari 14.59, Uc browser 7.86% and Firefox has 6.08 market shares, but after releasing Firefox quantum, we expect that it will cover more market shares because of it’s new features and new interface.

Less Memory Use

The new browser consume less memory. As we know Chrome uses more computer resource and consume more RAM, but firefox quantum is light weight means and consume 30% less memory and save your memory space and your system run smoothly.

firefox quantum


Talking about extensions Firefox has more extensions than chrome browser. The new browser has more than 10000 extensions.

mozilla firefox


New Interface and Features

Firefox comes with fresh new UI, which looking good, firefox add new features like screenshots, which make easier to cut and save any browser screen, other features include private browsing with tracking protection and drag Pocket bookmarking features and drop toolbar features.

firefox quantum


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