Why Snapdragon is recommended for Most Smartphones?

What is processor ?

A processor is a hardware part that are installed on your android device. It is a main part of your Smartphone, without this you can’t run or use your smartphone. processor work like a heart. A processor is a System On Chip (SoC) designed to support applications running in a mobile platform. All component like digital , analog, radio frequencies , graphics, memory controller, wifi etc. are installed on a one chip called processor. There is a huge competition between processor because of growing demand of smartphones devices in market. In this Article we will discuss about three different type of processors Mediatek, snapdragon and intel atom.


  • Mediatek

Mediatek (headquartered in Taiwan) They are widely used in budget and mid range smartphone. It uses more core in its processor(like Octa-core , Hexa-core, Deca-core). Mediatek processor model start from MT and Helio such as MT6795 , MT6753 , Helio x20
, Helio x25.


Performance wise Mediatek processor are good. They contain more cores in their chip so it handle heavy tasks and good for multitasking. But more core demand more RAM for give best performance.

Battery life:

Mediatek processor consume more power, because of more core. Each core require power to handle applications. So battery drain fast if compare to other processor (Snapdragon , Intel atom).

Heating problem:

Now coming to the heating problem. All processors deliver heat while performing task. More task will emit more heat. Mediatek emit more heat because of more core than others SoC.

Graphics (GPU):

Mediatek processor uses Mali graphics which is third party vendor.  So there is problem of compatibility between CPU and GPU. It is important to match the compatibility between both different chips. then whole Chipset give good performance.

  • Snapdragon (SoC)


The Chipset Snapdragon are manufactured by Qualcomm. It is an (American) company headquartered in San Diego ,california. It’s processor are popular for it’s high quality performance on smartphones. They are installed on smartphone , tablet and other devices. They mostly found in mid or high range smartphone. It include Single core, dual core, quad core, hexa core and octa core processor. It focuses on per core performance that’s why a single core is more powerful than Mediatek core. These processor comes in series like 200,400,600 and so on. Now days the 835 series is the latest processor.


If talk about performance snapdragon give good performance. In multi-tasking, gaming and handling heavy intensive task or apps it is good for you.

Battery life:

Snapdragon are good in terms of power efficiency as compare to other SoC (Mediatek and Intel atom). it will not consume more battery it is power efficient.

Heating problem:

Snapdragon Processors deliver less heat as compare to other Soc (Mediatek and Intel atom). (Snapdragon 810 faced more heating problem but it resolve in next snapdragon series Snapdragon 820).

Graphics (GPU):

Snapdragon  they manufactured their own graphics called Adreno Graphics. Because CPU and GPU is manufactured by same company so the compatibility is matches perfectly. It give good performance.

  • Intel Atom

Everyone know about Intel processor. Intel is a leader in manufacturing processor for pc and laptops. Intel now using their Intel atom processor in Smartphone devices and tablets.


We think that we don’t need to explain you about performance of Intel. it give better performance in Computers and smartphone also.

Battery life:

This company facing problem on battery life. It’s processor consume more  battery. Intel manufactured processors for computer that require 40 watts power. When it come to mobile platform it faces problem like heating and battery drain issues. because any smartphone require less than 5 watts power. Intel working on it how to perform it’s SoC on low power.


Intel also install third party graphics like mediatek. It uses third party vendors like power VGR or mali graphics in their SoC Chip. So it also have a problem of setup compatibility between CPU and GPU.

Heating Problem:

It deliver more heat when running heavy applications and tasks. Intel deliver more heat as compare to other SoC (Snapdragon and mediatek).


Now the Snapdragon is winner from all. It will give all performance that a smartphone required with less problems. If you want smartphone at low budget the mediatek processor is good. if you want to buy high end smartphone so please make sure it have a snapdragon processor.

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