5g Technology

What is 5G Technology ? How does it work ?

What is 5g technology?

5G is the coming 5th Generation Wireless broadband technology based on IEEE 802.11/ac standard. It uses high bandwidth to send and receive data. 5G technology operates with a 5Ghz signals and offers speed of 1Gb/s for 10 connections. 5G is a new network system that has much higher speeds and capacity, and much lower latency, than 4G network system.

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5g Technology

5g Technology

How 5G work ?

The 5G technology uses millimeter wave technology. In 5G the frequency band starts from 28, 37, 39, 42, 60 Ghz and this frequency range is called millimeter wave. And if the frequency band increases then the wave length which we get would be few millimeter.

Qualcomm announces its first 5G modem for Smartphone named X50, and it support speed up to 5Gb/s, which is 400 times faster than current 4G network. 4G technology has a LTE standard but, till now there is no standard for 5G network.

Why we need 5G technology?

One of the main benefit of 5G technology over 4G is not its high transmission rate between 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s but its latency. 4G is capable 40ms to 60ms which has low latency. And it does not provide real time response. For example – Gaming requires a low latency to ensure when the button clicked ,the remote server response immediately.

5G technology uses Ultra-low-latency between 1ms to 10ms. so it deliver very quick real time response. 5G technology may be release on 2020

Features of 5G ? 

  • High speed to stream 4K 3D videos.
  • Ultra low latency gives quick real time response.
  • More effective and efficient.
  • High broadcasting data, (in Gigabit) which supports more than 60,000 connections.
  • frequency band from 28Ghz to 60Ghz.
  • It uses millimeter wave technology.

Disadvantages of 5G?

  • Developing infrastructure needs high cost.
  • Many old devices would be replace with new one.

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