Why clash of Clans so addictive? fact about Clash of Clans

Why Clash of clans so addictive?

Why Clash of clans so addictive?

Clash of Clans is the most popular Strategy, multiplayer, and online game developed by SuperCell. The games was released for IOS platform on August 2, 2012 and for Android platform on October 7, 2013.The game become more popular  in short time of period because it’s awesome game features. The COC maker SuperCell says that last year the profit grew more than 60% to EUR 838 million($964) approx 6453 crore.The Supercell daily earning is $510512 an annual revenue is around  €2.11 billion. Supercell has only 180 employees, which is a very small amount compared to its revenue. This article is about Clash of clans and Why Clash of clans so addictive?

Clash of clans addictive

Clash of clans addictive

How Game work?

In this game Clash of Clans player build their own Town Hall and defence using their resources gained from attacking another player Townhall . Three resources are used to upgrade defence or Townhall. Gold for defence tools, elixir and dark elixir is mostly use for train troops. There are two types of troops in this game some troops are trained from elixir and some black troops are trained from dark elixir.

The game players can join or create clans up to 50 members and 50 members can participate on clan. Clan war are searched by those have authority such as leader and co-leader.  All clan settings are managed by clan leader and co-leader. You can also donate troops and spells to your clanmates. The game new upgrades comes in 2-3 months.

Why clash of clans is addicted game?

Clash of clans comes with many more futures. Addicted player play this game about 15-20 hours in a day.

Initially upgrades need less time and cost, so in this you play it 10 to 15 minutes when you free. So initially it’s fun. You can do attack accordingly to your own strategies. The fun is because you can play game for 10-15 minutes daily. But when the Town Hall reaches to level 8 now in this stage cost time needed for upgrade is too high. It requires less 10-20 hours or may be some days to upgrade defence and troops. Now this is the turning point, In this time the player need more gold and elixir to upgrade defence and troops so players spend more time on game. He play game not just for collecting resource but he also scare that someone steal his gold and elixir. Players play this game.


Facts about Clash of clans

  • The first version of Clash of clans is in Japanese language.
  • Jorge is the first player to cross the 4000 trophy mark, which made him instantly famous. According to report, Jorge Yao sometimes played the game for 48-hours at time. Now He have 79000 follower on twitter and 30000 likes on facebook. He also known for spending $4000/month.
  • Panda, one of the top 10 COC players, that spend nearly $7000 a month on his Clash of clans village.
  • Almost 50% of its revenues is generated from it’s top 10% players.
  • The staff size of Supercell is about only 250 members but only 15-20 people are working on this supercell game.
  • COC has 29.5 million active players and if you are not playing the game so you are out of the loop.
  • People sell their COC account online, a maxed out Town Hall 10 base cost is approximate $189.
  • If you are started playing clash of clans from today so if you use gems so you need $22,000 to made Townhall 11 max.
  • All COC players is introduced with Peeka. But they don’t know the meaning of P.E.E.K.A. P.E.E.K.A means “Perfect Enraged Knight killer of Assassins”.

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