Apps that you should remove right now

5 Apps you should remove it right now

5 Apps you should remove it right now

There are so many apps on play store that user install on their Smartphone. Some apps are very helpful but some apps are not. Many apps that save your battery and boot performance. Our topic is about all those apps. In this article we will explain you about some Apps that you should remove right now.


Apps that you should remove right now

  • Apps that claim to save your Smartphone RAM

Apps that running on your background eat up your memory, and battery life even they are on standby mode. These apps claim to boost up your Smartphone memory any your phone work faster than before. Apps running in the background are atomically restarted after you close them. The memory and battery both are used to restart the apps. It slow down your smartphone unstable after closing and restarting of apps. So android manages RAM usage automatically and know when to run apps or not. So wo don’t need any third party apps for Managing or booting smartphone. This type of 5 Apps you should remove it right now.


  • Clean master (or other cleaning apps)

There are many apps on playstore that claim to boost up your Smartphone and clean memory. After deleting apps or uninstall apps leave behind some cached data. So you don’t need to download any third party apps to clean your cache data. Its is one of the Apps that you should remove right now. You can do it yourself.

Just go to your setting >storage>click on cache data, a prompt comes on your screen you just click ok. It’s a best way to clean your cache data without using any third party apps(any other cleaning apps).
You can individually clean cache of any app. Just go to setting>apps>tapping on any app. It will show two options clear data and clear cache. You can choose what you want and click ok.

The app clean master and any cleaning app. These apps require more battery not for apps only but also for apps advertisement. So you now know how to clean your memory and boot up your Smartphone performance. So you don’t need any cleaning app for your Smartphone.

  • Antivirus

Your android is much powerful and capable and scan your Smartphone time to time. The android device manager app work securely without using any additional app or antivirus. And if any app that contain any harmful malware, than the Google check with the help of play store automatically. If any app get noticed by other people and rated badly in playstore then the google will remove it from playstore. So there is less chance to install some malicious apps.
Antivirus is useful when you downloading any app outside play store. But in this case when you install any app outside play store. Then app can examine during installation time and warn you if any malware hide inside that app.

  • Battery saver

Similar to RAM booster that we discuss in above, the battery saving apps also use your Smartphone battery and occupy your memory space. Battery saving apps reduce the battery usage of your android device. The battery saver app “Force stop” your apps that running on background and consume more memory and power. The more memory usage the more fastly your battery drain. But you can “Force stop” any apps without any other app.
You just go to setting>Apps >force any app that running or consuming more memory and power.

  • Get rid of bloatware on your android

Manufacture load android smartphones with their own apps. If you don’t use them so install it from your android device. For uninstall builtin app you just go to setting>apps> uninstall any apps you want. Some built in app that are pre installed are not uninstall. Such as some manufacturer don’t allow to delete or uninstall face, twitter apps. So for uninstalling these apps your android smartphone need root privileges. So these are some apps you should remove it right now.

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