What is Root or rooting in Android?

What is Root or Rooting ?

The term Root comes from the Linux/Unix world to describe a user who has “superuser” rights. or permissions to all the files and programs in the software and OS. Rooting means obtaining superuser permissions to your Android’s OS. Before rooting all activities are performed by android OS. Activities involves such as security permissions and filter risky applications. But after rooting Smartphone you can modify your Smartphone by adding new features. and increase the performance of your device.

Root Smartphone


Rooting an Android device is similar to accessing an administrative permissions on linux and and unix operating system. It allow privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow to you.

How to Root any device?

Advantages of Rooting your Android Smartphone:

  • You gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s)
  • Increase performance of Smartphone through Installing rooted application on your smartphone, and also increase battery life.
  • Install third party applications.
  • Get admin access to your Smartphone.
  • Add overclocking features in your android smartphones.
  • Uninstall your smartphone default applications.

Disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone:

  • Once you root your Smartphone, manufacturer’s warranty becomes void. suppose you buy a newly Android smartphone and you rooted that smartphone so your manufacture warranty become void.
  • Device might get bricked if miss any step during the time of rooting.
  • If you install any malicious softwares on your Android device it increases the security risks.


Rooting your Android Smartphone can be very awesome and powerful as it gives you full control on your device. you can do anything on your smartphone. but if you do any mistake on rooting your device might be dead and your device not work again. So at last root is a good choice to learn or increase or develop your skill.



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