How much RAM actually your Smartphone required?

Which is more important in Smartphone? the processor or the RAM

How much RAM actually your Smartphone required?

Mostly peoples are getting confused the what is more important in Smartphone RAM or the processor. Every component in Smartphone play important role having its own features. Without these component you can’t imagine that your smartphone work. RAM is one of the important components along with CPU and GPU. Mostly people consider that Smartphone having more RAM will give high performance but the question is that how much RAM your smartphone required to perform all heavy applications.

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What is RAM in Smartphone?

From the technical point of view, it doesn’t increase the processing speed of Processor(CPU). RAM (Random access memory) is the memory used to stored open programs(apps) temporary, and easily handled by the processor. For example, a user launched any application like Google chrome, and after a while user open any other app like facebook. In this the Google chrome app not stopped after opening facebook app.  The Google Chrome, which was still running was stored in the RAM. So having this feature you can open numbers of applications simultaneously without stopping previous app. In short, RAM is needed in running heavy apps(programs) and multitasking.

RAM act as a bridge between File System and the processor(CPU). Some important files are necessary to run or open OS (operating System) and these files are stored on RAM. It is a physical memory, that can store data temporarily, means data remains in RAM as long as the Smartphone is running. When the smartphone is turned off data stored in RAM got erased.

Is more RAM is required to your smartphone ?

The clear answer is No, you don’t require more RAM on your smartphone. Nowadays every companies wants to show its reputations in market to impress their customers. They launching smartphone having more RAM. Oneplus 5 is the example that have a 8Gb of RAM. The RAM is basically require to run heavy apps high graphics games. Your smartphone are capable to run all heavy applications in low RAM. 2Gb or 3Gb  is enough to run all high graphics games like Nova 3.

What is Processor of Smartphone?

How much RAM actually your Smartphone required?

How much RAM actually your Smartphone required?

In Smartphone there are 2-3 names of processors someone said  it CPU and someone said SoC (System on chip). It is an electronic circuit that handle or manages or execute all the programs.The speed of processor is very fast than other memories like RAM memory, Cache memory. The  processor takes far less time to load data. The possessor of Smartphone is responsible for controlling all the operations that are performed on Smartphone. It communicatie with both input and output devices. for simple example: if you want to do calculation on you smartphone, so you need to press key to for entering number and perform other action for result of calculations, so when every time you pressed any number the CPU do its job it take input from user and after performing operation it show you desired outputs.

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In conclusion both RAM and CPU play important role. RAM gives you more multitasking facility and CPU allow you to perform all operations on your smartphones. but really your smartphone doesn’t need more RAM, it can easily manage all heavy apps in 2 or 3Gb of RAM.

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