Advantage of Windows Smartphone over Android Smartphones

Advantage of Windows Smartphone over Android Smartphones

Advantage of Windows Smartphone over Android Smartphones

Simply if we ask people that which smartphone is better windows or Android and choose one of them, then they obviously choose Android smartphones. The reason behind this is that Android smartphones give more features than windows. But in this article we will discuss about the features of windows smartphones which make it differ from Android. Both OS  have their own pros and Cons. Windows is  the proprietary OS of Microsoft but Android is an Open Source OS.

Windows Smartphone advantage over Android Smartphones

Microsoft Smartphone advantage over Android Smartphones

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1.  Security Level

Android is an Open source OS so anyone can easily modify its source code and make their own Android OS. But for security purpose it’s not a good deal because in an open source operating system anyone can easily insert miscellaneous code and hack or damage your smartphone. Whereas, Windows smartphones are proprietary OS of Microsoft and Microsoft is more strict about its security and make its OS more secure. Microsoft Smartphones are 80% secure than Android smartphones.

 2. Updates 

Microsoft smartphones gives you more updates. After launching windows 10 , Microsoft releasing new build update 2-3 times in a month. But in androids smartphone there are less chances of updates.

3. Camera performance

If Talk about camera quality Android and Microsoft both the smartphones give better quality images, but if we talk about price , Microsoft smartphones gives you more detail image quality in low end smartphones. Even it captures good quality images in low-light conditions. Microsoft smartphones also have the feature of live images.

4. Versatility of Live Tiles 

Microsoft smartphone allow user to pin icons whatever they want. After launching windows 10, you can also pin system setting, widgets on your home screen.In new updates of windows 10 microsoft improving OS and adding new functionality in it.

5.  Cortana 

A digital voice assistant is present in almost every Windows phone (Windows Phone 8.1 above). It perform many of your daily tasks like alarm, sing a song or crack jokes and keeps track of your phone and your PC too.

6. Microsoft office

MS Office is the product of Microsoft and it is easily work great in Microsoft smartphones. You can easily manage your all kind of documents on Office.


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